I am a Bronco FREAK!

So I have tried to sleep tonight, tried everything from milk to over the counter sleeping aids, but I am so excited for the Bronco game today that I just cannot sleep. I would lie there trying to sleep, but would start thinking about matchups, or worrying that because its the early game I might over sleep and not make it to my grandparents where beer, Grandmas food, a huge TV, and the most comfortable couch will be waiting for me. I cannot stop thinking about this game and we are only playing Jacksonville. I have no idea how I will function when we play Tennessee, Indy, and KC again. Plus of course the F'ing Raiders. Its amazing what this football thing can do to a guy. I amnow watching the sun rise not tired at all and getting more pumped by the minute for my team to play.


So how do you lose when your QB throws for 250 yards, your team gets 100 yeards rushing, and your defense only allows 7 points? SPECIAL TEAMS. That one fucking return that gave the Jags a very, very short field, we gave up a TD. Other than that the Jags offense didn't do shit. We got pinned in our end EVERYTIME we had the ball. Hats off to the Jags defense cause that was the only damn thing that kept them in that game. Elam missing field goals, Rod Smith fumbling punts, and Q dropping another one. Portis had that same problem though and the Denver coaches fixed that little problem. I feel bad for San Diego next week. Coming to Denver after that kind of a loss. Still we are on top of our division and KC is 0-2, they are our only challenge in the division this year.


Don't count out my Raiders.

Oh wait, no fucking running game. Count them out.

303=Somewhere,a village is in search of there idiot.You need to check in.........

"303=Somewhere,a village is in search of there idiot.You need to check in........."

LOL, football season is the best 17 weeks of the year, until the playoffs! However my friend, before insulting me on being an idiot you need to pull out a dictionary and practice writing sentences with the correct usage of the word 'there', 'their', and 'they're'! I know I have a Bronco problem and I am willing to admit it.


curses the vocabulary police

I cant wait till the Raiders play the Bronco's its gonna be fucking on 303. aka Dracul


I though u were a mod at one time 303?