I am a feminist.

Doctor Strange - If you're not inferior but are equal to us, why did you let us oppress you? Phone Post 3.0


equality should be for all.

If being a feminist means all is equal, and I can pop a bitch in the mouth for talking shit, sign me up.

I teach women's self-defense and so have worked with a LOT of different female self-defense instructors, many of whom are vocal  "feminists". They are usually not impressive, IME. There is often something pretty wrong with them. Not all of them of couse, but many --even most-- seem to have serious personality/ emotional issues.

Modern Feminism is simply NOT really about equality, it's about control.

Just as somone else mentioned above, most impressive, smart, capable women I know, never identify themselves as "feminists". --And guys who call themselves "feminists" are often sad, pathetic creatures. We had one male instructor who was actually a "Women's studies" minor in college. We had to fire him because a lot of female students complained that he was "creepy" Lol!

Modern Feminism offers nothing to make the lives of women or men better or happier.



do you like gym teaching and billiards..

Because I don't care for threat narratives, Marxist inspired bigotry, and I'm not filled with self-loathing for what I am. Phone Post 3.0

Feminists are on a par with vegetarians and straight edge betas....all cunts Phone Post 3.0

It's a shame feminism has turned in to what it is, victim mentality and male guilt allows women to pretty much rally against anything and spin it as gender oppression.
The best way I can think to describe it is as my history teacher always described communist societies "communism implies everyone is equal, just some people are always more equal than others." Women want equality, they just want to be more equal than men when it comes to certain things. I'm all for an equal society, but where's the socially acceptable male movement targetting gender inequality in family courts etc? It doesn't exist for the same reason advocately saying you are proud to be white doesn't. Phone Post 3.0

It was better in the early 80's when women did aerobics while wearing leggings, and just wanted to be given a chance in the workplace.

^ Feminism that is.

Modern feminism is NOT about equality. Its about stopping what they believe is a patriarchal culture and the "nature" of men, totally disregarding biology, physiology and other things that separate genders. Modern feminism believes that gender is a social construct which is utter fucking nonsense. Modern feminism is about masculine shaming....see what I did there. Stop your man shaming!!!!