I am calling out the sultan

let me first start off with saying congrats on your win i train with Bob and i know how tough he is.

This Has Nothing To Do With My Brother The Other Night.

I know a fight with me was offered to you and you turned it down because you want to fight someone with a better record. what were you thinking...maybe you think you can hang with lance everson or erik charles?
I dont recall you having that great of a record and if you could beat someone with more wins than you maybe thats where you should start. I think this fight should happen i know you were planning on dropping more weight and so was i.

ttt for Enrique!!!

ttt for Team Aggression

Can't you just talk out your problems?

Fighting is so 1993.

didnt you just get choked out?

i never said i didnt what did you do this weekend smartass

whatched my knee to swell to the size of pta's thigh. then tossed back a few guiness's and car bombs. hoorah sleepy boy

i dont really have anything against eddie but when someone has a record like he does says he wants to fight someone with a better record kinda hurt my feelings


Well you can win some fights to correct this? He doesnt plan to fight anytime soon it seems. Honestly are you just trying to find a Sit Yod Tong guy you might be able to beat? So far you are 0-3 I believe with losses to Schultz, Rebello ( i thought you fought him ), and Cape.

Bologna Tits Saldana is afraid of BigSteelBrown, and will duck fighting him at ALL costs!

you are wrong i did lose to shultz and cape but not rebello (do your research before you start talking shit) and u cant take anything away from me w/ the other two everyone knows shultz is very good and cape was able to finish me which says alot about him. I think the sit yod tong is one of the top schools in new england if not the usa even the world why shouldnt i want to fight anyone from there.

oh boy

I fight 185 now. Can I get in on this?


jesus christ, this is getting f*cking rediculous! Eddie said he didn't want to fight doug because he's a LW w/ a losing record. I don't remember him saying anything about you Eric. And, like he said, he only fighs a few times a year, so calling him out less than a wk after his last one is pretty f*ckin pointless.

Just for the record, Eric TKO's Rebello in Rebello's first fight before he was even training w/ SYT. Now, I'm really not here to talk shit to or about people, I respect anyone willing to step in the cage/ring, but you guys are being f*ckin childish.

actually, the fight with Shultz impressed me...you hung in there TOUGH, even though he looked a lot bigger and stronger than you.

I think a fight between you and Eddie would be a step in the right direction for him, no matter what your record is. I've seen you fight and you're pretty good at this level of competition. It'd be a good victory for the Sultan.

chris i mean no disrespect but the fight was for late june they are trying to give everyone as much notice possible so they can focus their training.