I am dissapoint in UFC end of yr mega event

Really disappointed in UFC's extremely poor planning and lineup for what is usually a end of year NYE mega event.

Cyborg and Holly as Main event and another womens fight on the PPV card. Conidt coming back is nice but against Magny is not a great exciting matchup.

Khabib vs Barboza is a great matchup but thats it , not enough for me to purchase a year end event Ive been looking foward to.

Worst NYE card ever for UFC, extremely bad business management. Yeah prob worked on getting McGregor as the headliner but should have had a deeper overall card to pull from.

NO EXCUSE for this lackluster event to end the year on such SOUR NOTE.....

It's pretty embarrassing fight card for "NYE" card 


Yes and especially for a ppv....



Khabib vs. Barbosa is the only fight worth paying for

Well it pretty much sums up 2017, they were just going along with the theme.

It's not bad, better than Ronda vs Nunes. We all knew what would happen in that fight.

I'll be streaming this card!

The Khabib fight is the only fight that matters

That's why JMMA

Meek vs Useman would have helped this card

have to agree it’s bland at best

The Diet Butcher - Khabib vs. Barbosa is the only fight worth paying for

Hmm I agree..Cyborg/Holm is interesting though..

I couldn't care less about the other main card girl fight and I don't even know who the ltwt guys are lol..they are main card why?!

Yeah I agree, I will still watch but was hoping for better match ups

Yeah, it's really pitiful. But not surprising.

Agreed. Shit ppv, should be free card

It's no Pride card.

Condit Lawler, Miocic Arlovski, Tumenov Larkin, Ortega Brandao and Trujillo Sims was a mega event?

Wake up OP. From the get go, this event was never promised anything and every indication looked like it was going to be an average PPV. They didn't even book the main event until 6 weeks ago. 

Timing is everything. This won't be the first New Years event that didn't match up with its predecessors. Still, a lot to like on 219 for most fight fans. 

I miss pride. 

Yeah I won't be buying.

crazydave - 

I miss pride. 

why would you miss shitty ass cards like these when UFC is is puttin on the blockster they have tonite?

shockwave 03:

Lil Nog vs Kazushi Sakuraba
Kiyoshi Tamura vs Rony Sefo
Yuki Kondo vs Mario Sperry
Daniel Gracie vs Wataru Sakata
Gary Goodridge vs Don Frye
Royce Gracie vs Hidehiko Yoshida
Murilo Rua vs Akira Shoji
Hayato Sakurai vs Daiju Takase
Heath Herring vs Giant Silva
Quinton Jackson vs Ikuhisa Minowa

shockwave 04:

Fedor Emelianenko vs Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira
Mark Hunt vs Wanderlei Silva
Takanori Gomi vs Jens Pulver
Dan Henderson vs Yuki Kondo
Mirko Cro Cop vs Kevin Randleman
Rulon Gardner vs Hidehiko Yoshida
Makoto Takimoto vs Henry Miller
Ryo Chonan vs Anderson Silva
Ryan Gracie vs Yoji Anjo
Mu Bae Choi vs Paulo Cesar Silva
Ikuhisa Minowa vs Stefan Leko

shockwave 05:

Crazy Horse vs Ken Kaneko
James Thompson vs Giant Silva
Nakamura vs Yuki Kondo
Aleksander Emelienenko vs Pawel Nastula
Fedor vs Zulu
Dan Henderson vs Bustamante II
Takanori Gomi vs Hayato Sakurai
Sakuraba vs Minowa
Mark Hunt vs Cro Cop
Yoshida vs Nayoa Ogawa
Wanderlei Silva vs Ricardo Arona II