I am fighting again on October 16th! 🔥

Yo!! Trap Gambino here,

I’m fighting on October 16th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for Rize Fighting Championships.

I’ll be talking mad shit during the build up and inside the cage… I’ll be looking for nothing but the knockout and won’t even think about a takedown… If y’all wanna see a “polarizing” figure pulverized somebody’s face… Coke enjoy the show! If you’re too far away, tune in on PPV! SOMEBODY IS GOING TO SLEEP!!



Props for fighting

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Good luck trap!

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2 days before my birthday, givem hell homeskittle.


I will be cheering you on from Kentucky. GO TRAP.

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Is your knee ok? Hopefully you’ve addressed your issues from last fight and come out even stronger.
Good luck. Do your best and know you have the respect of many of us for getting in there.

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Treat Us Trap

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Thanks man!

I got you!!

My knee is not ok but that’s ok! I’ll never be 100% in there and right now I don’t wanna stop for surgery! I can still fight for now so I’m using all the time I can!

Thanks brother! Much love!

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Nice! This will be a little after my 31st b day October 2nd!

Appreciate it! :muscle:t3:

Is this going to be amateur or pro?

Thump somebody! What is your weigh in going to be?

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This will only be my second ammy bout! :pray:t2:

Let’s go!!! :muscle:t3:

I’m hoping to be around 300lbs even for this fight. Last bout I weighed in at 338lbs.

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