I am giving away a free $10 gift to UG Store...


To whom ever gives me the best reason they should get it. No strings attached. You simply tell me why and if its a good enough story then you can have it.

 I have big boobs.

Do I win?

 I am Friends with Quincy........ That sould be pain enough.


BigMike77 -  I am Friends with Quincy........ That sould be pain enough.


 You're correct. You win. Check your messages

I collect gift cards for my gift card museum.

I have 2 gift cards I can give away to anyone who wants.

slamming - So i can buy your mother something pretty.

Before i make a mess of it.

 I get it. You were trying to be funny.

 David is the MAN!!! Thanks Bro!


 Just bought a XXXL MMA.TV shirt!

I need them so I can buy some sprawl shorts and quit training in flowery board shorts.


Wtf am I going to do with $10?

well i train with ya. I would say thats enough.

I am broke and need new shin guards

 these arent the droids youre looking for

 Dave got the email too, I see. LOL

I'm a full time student, I don't work yet I invest into the quite expensive sport of MMA on what little money I get from the government in Australia :)

I'm extremely broke right now, have focused all my time into passing and getting out of high school, and could use some new wrist wraps.

I got an email saying that I have an unused $10 e gift but I have no clue where it came from.

Crazy Zimmerman -  Dave got the email too, I see. LOL

 Yup! I would rather give it to someone who needs it. I was going to just blow it on whatever.