I am going to p'ss off Diego...

By flirting with his lady...

found this on MySpace...I am going to join up to steal Ali away from Diego

 your funeral

diego aint right in the head

Flirting with her could turn out to be a nightmare for you.

I'm going to go ahead and say she's basically yours at this point.

pigpen -  your funeral

diego aint right in the head

He should be mad at her for being on singlesnet.com

 Can you walk outside in a storm and harness the lightning, my friend?

I think I can take on Diego.

All I need to do is distract him with a handsome shirtless guy and RUN LIKE HELL.

Ali and I will be happy together

lol... Diego used to flirt with a friend of mine on myspace, she showed me some of the messages he sent her, his flirting game needs a lot of work...lmao!

xakx...PLEASE tell me you still have some of those messages.

Was it as bad as Brigham's flirting?

I find Ali seductive and attractive.

Ensanity - xakx...PLEASE tell me you still have some of those messages.

Was it as bad as Brigham's flirting?

I save everything usually... not sure if I still have them, she IM'ed me the messages he sent on yahoo messenger so thouse are gone, the other stuff i heard about on the phone and via txt messages... let me see what i can find... i got pics of the girl, but i'm not sure i want to post them because its only a matter of time before Diego finds out about all this... lmao!

 aw, you don't have your message archive enabled?

xakx you should dig them up....youll be a forum LEGEND

I heard she likes guys posing topless with their buddies.

this is what i got so far... i'm gonna keep looking... she even gave me her username and password for her myspace so i can see the messages...

"guess who I got a message from?"

"Diego sanchez! Yep, he said hello cutie. Don't even know if you like him, but I thought that was pretty cool... "

keep in mind... this was about 2 years ago...

Fighter12.jpg picture by TheDropper 

...thats all i got... most of the stuff she told me about on the phone or on messenger, and i did not save it, but she did let me log onto her myspace and read some of the messages... its funny, this was after Diego got done with TUF so he was becoming very popular... it was nothing major, most of the time she talked to him over the phone, but her boyfried got really jealous that Diego was flirting with his girl so she ended up changing her number and as far as i know she stoped talking to him... but i have not talked to her in a while...

...sorry, i failed the UG...

 lol she started talking to him on the phone when she had a boyfriend?


 You guys need to remember Diego lives in San DIEGO now and we dont have thunderstorms during the summer. Have at it .