I am going to tattoo myself!!

I got a shop in the area that is letting me hang out there and they are teaching me.

I am going to tattoo myself in a few minutes, I will post pics. It is gonna be a kanji letter and it is gonna be on my left leg above my knee.

Mario, I am gonna use a 7round for the whole thing.

Here it is!

I am proud of it, it turned out well. I know kanji is easy but I still think it turned out good. What do you all think?

Congrats dude!!! Well done , you way ahead of me (still on fake skin). That tats pretty big.

Im going to start a pic tonight whem im done Ill post it.

Cool tk! It looks great from here..How'd that feel? lol, I would always be way too light on myself..

I'm glad you found a shop, it will help out tremendously, congrats and good luck.

That's the type of stuff you should be starting out with, and 7's are fine for that.

C'mon mfah, now it's your turn to work on yourself!

I've got some skin I'd love to donate =)...too bad I'm stuck in Indiana, mostly methheads doing flash here.

nice Killa, whats it say?


It says "soldier".

Thanks everyone!

Mario, I started off trying to be easy but the ink was not going in well. I turned up the power supply and dug in. The ink went right in. I did not bleed that much, I don't hang the needles, I work off the tube.



I tattooed myself again last night, I will post pics today!

There ya go killa, that's the spirit!

This makes me want to tattoo myself now. lol

Bad pic, the tat looks better in person. My second tat!!

My third tat! My neice ask me for it aand it turned out good!!

damn Killa!! your just becomin a regular!

how old is your niece? not asking to be a funny guy, but is she old enough to get tatts?


looks good man!  you at ft. drum now?

bro...I've got LOTS of skin you can use for experience


Yep, I'm at Fort Drum.

She is 20 TT.

It has become addictive to give tattoos.

i live like an hour from ft.drum. maybe i'll help you with your addiction.

you in syracuse?

yup, right outside of it