i just had a friend who lives in Detroit MI ask me what martial art he should take, he knows i train so thought i would have the answer.

im sure you all know what i told him...the guy was asking about Hapkido, Karate, TKD, Kung Fu, your basica TMA's

i did my best to explain the differences between TMA's and MMA and or just BJJ alone and he seemed pretty excited about it.

He was dead serious about training so i told him about MT and BJJ and also informed of the many different schools now that are offering MMA/NHB because he basically said he wanted the badest for the streets, seems to be most peoples reasoning.

anyways, i thought it was cool, i also referred him to you guys (THE UG) and said he can get the best advice and information about training from here.

i never had people be interested in this before so i thought it was cool.

sorry to spam your board with this if it annoys you.


leaves thread annoyed


oh well, you cant pleast the UG all the time....

i figure the more people who know about the sport the better


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