I am not a judoka

even if i practised one time in my life a judo competion when i was 6 years old, i assure you that i am not a Judoka even if some of you judoka would love to have me in your group of loser...


i have decided to train a little and to fight in the UFC later this year. you will se if my style is Judo. to who shall i apply to fight in the UFC?

"nor are you an english major."

francophones get some slack

to who shall i apply to fight in the UFC?

Application for UFC is as follows:

1.  Please send your name, age, sex, DOB, and residence info to wannabefighter@ufc.org

2.  You must prepare a minimum 35 page discertation garnering your desire to fight in the UFC, how you as a fighter have helped to improve MMA and your logic in how a judoka uses throwing techniques to defend against striking supremecy.

3.  You must qualify by completing a physical fitness test including but not limited to a cold tolerance test, heat tolerance test and complete an Ironman Triathlon series in under 4 hours. 

4.  You will be asked to do a verbal interview with interviewers as selected by UFC officials.

Thank you inquiring about how to become a UFC fighter by the end of the year.  We wish you best in your journey. 


Take it from Fedor himself.

"PRIDE: Do you like to strike or grapple?

Fedor: Since I'm basically a Judo and Sambo fighter, I focus more on punches in training"


Notice he mentions Judo first... and Sambo is really just a subset of Judo.

whats up with all this judo trash talking?

who cares who trains in what - concern yourself more with the end results...