"I am not anti-vax, I am vaccinated, but..."

Is the new… “I’m not racist. I have black friends, but…”


Explain please. I don’t understand what you mean.

Better than no friends like OP



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It was common for people to declare they weren’t racist and that they have black friends before saying something racist.

Now, turn on the TV, and people say they are vaccinated and not anti vax before making anti vaccination statements.

I find it amusing.

If you following statements are not anti vaccine, and simply anti mandate you shouldn’t have to state such beforehand like a disclaimer.

Just come out with it and say what you have to say and stop being afraid to offend.

For example, here is my stance, stated clearly:

“I am 100% against vaccine mandates.”

See?Nice and neat. To the point.

Much better than:

“First, let me say, I am not anti vax. I myself am vaccinated, and my wife is vaccinated. I tell everyone i my family to get vaccinated, and encourage my neighbors to get it. So believe you me, I love fucking vaccines! Almost as much as tacos! But I would like to say that I am against mandates while I think everyone should get vaccinated, because they work and you are less likely to go to the hospital if yo get sick, but it shouldn’t be mandatory and I think everyone should get one, and I am not antivax, let me be clear on that.”


Your argument is lame.


It isn’t an argument. It is a statement.

Your cognitive ability is on the same journey as Joe’s.

Joe Biden Reaction GIF by GIPHY News


It’s the evolution of response when anyone disagreeing with the mandate is shouted down as trying to kill grandma. They think a pro-mandate/vaccine person will understand they are not just blindly against it, and they will see that both sides have been considered and a reasonable conclusion was reached. Doesn’t matter, they still see you as anti-vax.

I dont hang out with jabbers. Godamned weaklings.


It’s important to first clarify that you don’t dislike all blacks, just some. Similarly it’s important to show you’re not against vaccinations but just vaccination policy. These are subtle yet important differences.


not your best work at all…

they are saying I “THINK” you should get vaccinated but you can form your own conclusions and do whats right for you.

the exact opposite of a government mandate.

You should be to the point and clear.

First, to say you don’t dislike all black people just some, is racist in itself, the statement leads to the point that you do dislike some people because they are black.

Why dance around it? Any adult with normal mental function knows what you are saying. Make a clear statement and move on, otherwise you sound weak and not convicted in your stance.

The irony here is ironing.

Say what you are saying, and stop explaining what you are not saying. It is weak.

Funnily enough, the couple of “anti-racist” people in my family do not have black friends, do not work with black people, and do nothing to help disadvantaged black communities. I do all of these things, yet I’m the racist because I don’t see black people as helpless victims. They somehow have come to an understanding of what black people want, need, and our owed by society without having ever spoken to a black person at all, let alone the issues of inequality and racism. It’s quite stunning really. Seriously, how do you not know a single black person? When I said I treat black people the same as I do real people, they claimed I was racist. WTF?

Back to the subject at hand, you can take the vaccine and shove it anywhere you want, except in my arm.

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Says the man that goes on a rant about people going on rants.

It’s a dumb analogy. Not much else to say. If you need it broken down as to why, then you’re either that committed to the dumb analogy or a lost cause here.

This makes no sense Ned. First of all this is not a vaccine. Secund of all most people aren’t anti vax mandates because we all get vaccines from the time we are infants, if we travel outside the country, etc.

The problem here is this is a shot with little research that doesn’t even stop the virus or the spread.

So yeah, I’m not anti vax but I’m anti covid shot mandate. That’s seems pretty clear cut to me.

Depends on what they say next. For example, many vaccinated people are against the mandates and “passports”, certainly a lot are against vaccinating kids, many feel (rightfully!) fooled now that they supposedly will ‘need’ booster shots, still have to wear masks, social distance and so on. It didn’t bring “freedom” to them at all. Of course media made it so us “unvaccinated” are to blame but not all of these vaxxed are that dumb.

Edit: so let’s not make it easier for the corrupt media and politicians to divide us.

No, it doesn’t, that is my point.

It sounds weak to go on about what you aren’t saying. Just say what you are saying.

“I’m not racist, I have black friends, because if I didn’t, I would lose my job.”

Yeah, it’s exactly the same thing.

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