I am now a professional poker....


Finished up my school yesterday, I'll be dealing evenings at harveys lake tahoe poker room.

As a player I figured the school would be easy, that was not the case. Trying to run the game while you're adding/keeping a number in your head for the rake is a bitch. Especially when you stay out at the club till 4 in the morning the night before!

In any case, anyone here from the bay area that heads up to tahoe from time to time should stop by the room and say hi/play a few hands.

Congradulations man

I think he prefers the Dutch exchange students.

hey slacker when you play card with your friends do they frear you might be using some "mechanic" type skills on them....

Actually I like polish and lithuanian exchange students. Gotta get some pics of the one I went out with a couple of times last week.....

My roomie, neighbor and one other guy I play with are also poker dealers. None of us know any card tricks. ;)


just remember at the beginning its always better to be right than fast.

you're gonna get alot of bitching from players for going a little to slow, but its better than the shit you'll get when you misread a hand and push the pot the wrong way

Heh heh. Haven't done that yet, but I did corretly count a pot last night for a kill game but couldn't for the life of me justify how I got to the number. Guy bitched even though he was wrong.

Slow before wrong, definately....

That's really cool. If I ever play with you, I'll be sure to tip you well.

Hey, maybe you can tell me - why does the dealer bang the table before dealing out the next card? And why do they bang the tip on their tray before pocketing it?

They bang or pat the table before dealing the card so everyone knows the betting is over and the card is about to be dealt. If the dealer missed a raise and someone wanted to re-raise they know that now is the time to speak up.

Banging the tip is a way of acknowledging it and letting everyone at the table know that tipping is encouraged. ;)