I am officially chunky

Fucking a

Weighed in at the docs yesterday


I was at 160lbs for a tournament about a year and a half ago.

The only thing going good for me is my strength, I can lift more weight that I have ever been able too.

So, now I understand there is a way to "shock" yourself after building up. Do I need to get some clen, dnp and epadra and just inject it?


Seriously though, I can't at the moment because of my ankle and I still think I will be out of the military soon. I can't do shit for cardio and my ass hasn't been to grappling, and I can't get myself to go with everything going on here.

Enough bitching, I'm just fat ;)

Parts of why

My diet isn't complete crap, but its gotten worse

I was on crutches for over 3 months, and a cane

Can't run

On paxil

On Hydroclorithizide

Yea.....let see how to make some DNP....., blah

I was grappling at 169 last year. Now I'm between 182-185 usually. I cut to 179 for tournaments. I too am chunky. What I need to do is fix up my diet and do a bit more cardio outside of bjj. I wanna hang out around 170-175.

Just try to clean up your diet as much as possible.  That will DO WONDERS even with no cardio.  Try and do some cardio via swimming or cycling?  Pretty low impact on your joints JUST DON'T PUSH HARD GEARS yet until your ankle feels better.

30-45min cycle 3-5x a week QUICKLY ADDS up.

Good luck.


no worries. get off your ass and you'll be in shape in no time. get a personal trainer if you need the motivation.

the Air Force wants you to be fat, I'm convinced

I cant' wait to get back home, get back into some serious BJJ/MMA training

eh, I competed at 185 when I was 18-20, now I'm 217 :( it kinda sucks.

I feel ya, Fin, I've unwillingly made the transition from small squirrelly guy to chubby guy ... antidepressants and injury are a bitch.

I lost about 10 lbs instantly when I went off the meds, though, and the rest is coming off slowly but surely.

193lbs is nothing

looks at Frankenstein hands with tear filled eyes

Im in. Last summer 175-178. Then i hit rock bottom, drank every day of my life, got depressed now up to 210. But i think things are started to turn around.