I am teaching the Jiu-Jitsu of the Brazilians!

To help combat the severe shortage of BJJ instruction available here in Los Angeles, I have decided to step-up and accept an offer to teach!

Classes will be held at a brand-new school, “Focus Self-Defense & Fitness” in Culver City, CA. This is a very nice, 6,000 square ft. training facility owned by John Whitman who is a 4th Degree in KM. The school is also home to CrossFit of Culver City.

In addition to Krav Maga, CrossFit & BJJ, the school offers Yoga and MMA Conditioning classes as well.

BJJ Classes are:
Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:30pm
Saturdays 11:30am
(More classes to be added in the future)

The address is:
9000 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Ph. (310) 558-8400

Thank You!
Perry Hauck (Black Belt, BJJ)

BTW, this is NOT an elborate troll of any sort; "Shen" will continue to teach at Curves, I will be teaching here. ; )

 "To help combat the severe shortage of BJJ instruction available here in Los Angeles"


Good luck chief, but i hope this won't interfere with my next email grading - i need that 4th stripe real bad!

Whoa!! Are you serious??? Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i would actually attend that class if i was in the area.

congratulations and good luck.

Be sure to wear your faixa rua t-shirt the first day. . .

Thank you guys!!

(BTW, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, if any of you are not familiar with it, is a Scottish/Japanese martial art from the Amazon Region of South-America.)

I didn't even know there was a CF facility in Culver City.

Very cool

Good Luck from all at Carlson Gracie Revolution London

cumprido1 - I didn't even know there was a CF facility in Culver City.

Very cool

Yes, for about 2 months...

They were none too impressed when I explained my personal "hammer & tire" workout though. Apparently a ball peen hammer & a Schwinn tire just isn't "good enough" for certain CrossFit purists.

; )

Nice. If I actually worked out or did any exercise.... I'd check it out.

 Has Ari Bolden blessed this? 

 Congrats Shen. This isn't going to conflict with the Caber Tossing classes is it?

 Wow, congrats, Shen!

Focus SD is around the corner from my work - I'll definitely check it out!

Thank you, Simon!

Steve O,
Recognition from Canada is pending...

BTW, I just want to head-off any potential problems by letting people know up front that I am NOT a black belt in AikiJujitsu. I sincerely hope my wearing of a hakama & black belt and posting clips of myself teaching Aikijujitsu techniques on Youtube didn't confused anyone.


Caber Tossing is on hold due to the recent unfortunate accident that occurred while I was demonstrating the sport at Franklin Elementary School in Santa Monica.

Get well kids!!!



Please do check it out... You are more than welcomed!

 Best of Luck Perry!

 Eastern Canada recognizes!!!  Congratulations.

Thanks Rick!


I sincerely appreciate it --BUT-- we also both know there is only ONE man in Canada with the credibility to give recognition for the entire nation.


I was worried about that myself... that's why as of Friday the whole system has been fully automated. The "Jitstron 3000" computer now does all the E-Coaching & E-Testing for me.

shen cracks me up!


Shen, please be careful. Contact me if you have any questions about how to tie the hakama properly. If it is improperly tied, you can stumble and fall during a technique. Then, it will be apparent that there may be disturbances in your ki. You may lose students if they see this and it disturbes their sense of peace.If there is enough interest, I may do a short DVD on hakama chokes from the guard.Any interest??