I am the Cadbury Squid Man

 My new fight nickname.  Having a contest to come up with a drawing of what you think a cadbury squid man would look like.

Im thinking someone like squidward from spongebob and something to do with chocolate or cadbury eggs.  maybe even writing the cadbury squid man in the writing that the company cadbury uses.


My sponsor will make tshirts and sell them on our website featuring your work and would also get 3 shirts.

would also get a copy of my documentary that has been filmed.


inf0 - lame nickname uber fail


Absolutely true though, and necessary.

You really put a lot of thought into ur screen name I see. And I was given this nickname

Doesn't quite roll off the tongue, lol!


 i am


This is a work in progress. With some effort we shall form the cadbury squid.