I am the OMEGA WOLF of the Otherground

Look at the description of the Omega Wolf, it’s totally me!!


In some ways, the omega is like the court jester.

He must suffer terrible abuse at the hands of the king and court, but he is undeniably loved. Like a jester, the omega is often the one to instigate play and act the fool.


Description of an Omega Wolf among the pack

During a period when the pack’s mood was calm and relaxed, I watched Lakota approach his brother Kamots. The omega suddenly crouched into a play stance with his head low, front legs splayed wide, rump and wagging tail in the air. Kamots would spring into action, darting and snapping playfully. Soon they were tearing through the meadow, Lakota only inches ahead of Kamots’ jaws. The knowledge that this chase was not a dangerous dominance display was written all over Lakota’s body. He zigzagged through the grass with his mouth agape and his lips pulled back as if in a smile, nearly allowing himself to be caught, then leaping ahead.

Eventually Lakota was caught, or let himself be caught. He flipped over onto his back in surrender, bestowing on Kamots the full victory. Kamots straddled his brother snarling and snapping in mock aggression. Lakota gently licked the muzzle of the victor, the wolf equivalent of saying “uncle,” and the game was over.


The scientist goes on to further explain that…

Sadly, there were times when Lakota’s playful attitude would backfire. The attention he would draw to himself could sometimes result in a full-on mobbing. As he’d run, we could see him realize that the pursuit was not a game this time. It was painful to watch his hopeful expectations dissolve, fear spring into his eyes, and his entire posture change. Quickly he’d flip over onto his back and yelp in submission while each mid-ranking member of the pack got his digs in.

Amazingly enough, he would return time after time, inviting the pack to join in a game of chase or tug of war, eternally brave and eternally hopeful.

Group rallies were another risky time for Lakota. Often the pack gathered together and howled, as if to celebrate its solidarity. The real reason for this ritual is unknown. Sometimes it appeared that Kamots would purposefully start to howl, apparently calling the pack together and reminding everyone of his leadership. Other times the rallies seemed more spontaneous, with a spontaneous howl bubbling up inside one of the wolves, then bursting forth uncontrollably.

When one wolf began to howl, the others would quickly join in and assemble around Kamots. As the rally grew in intensity, the wolves often displayed their dominance, sparring, growling and pinning each other to the ground. These were dangerous times for the omega. Regardless of the bickering that went on between the mid-ranking wolves, Amani and Motomo, most of the aggression was transferred to Lakota. All the same, he would often be there, lending his voice to the group howl.

Or you could… you know, be normal.

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Ode to the Omega

An Omega wolf I must be

Watch me pee behind a tree

Look with glee and lick it up

Shit right in your coffee cup


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Isn’t it amazing that the UG is now less gay than the OG?

Sorry, I’ve been waiting to say that all day and this seemed like the most appropriate thread.

Yeah kirik Jr totally didn’t write this kirik Jr / cheddar ass thread.

If you ain’t them sporting goods you may as well retire , you are a redundant npc


You’re an NPC

Pretty Boy

As the omega that is my job

Did you read the damn thread Rhino?


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