I am very displeased with the current champions

The heavyweight champ is some guy who started boxing like 4 years ago. The baddest man on the planet shouldnt be a homeless guy who walked into a boxing gym in his late 20s. What da!?

This Polish power guy. Who the heck is he? Feels like hes wearing Jones title. And he had to resort to blanketing a smaller man.

Adesanya, dont get me started on him. A super weird, gay guy who is in his 30s but acts like hes 15. A disgrace.

Then we have the walking ped.

Is there even a 155 lb champ

at 145 we got Volksi, Volkanovski or something. He outpointed Max in some relaxed sparring sessions. Doesnt feel like a champion.

135 is some wussy who pretended to be hurt so he could steal a fight he was losing. Sad.

Is 125 stil a weight class? DJ leaves with an incredible record, Tripple C leaves undefeated, and now Im supposed to get excited about some journeyman place holder?

This is just a sad state of affairs. DAMN!


I don’t like Adesanyas latest comments and hate usmans, but they are fine fighters. I like Fran and think he will be a better champ than Stipe. Volk is fine. Aljo is a great heel!

Just glad Khaboom is gone. Hope the rest of his cronies follow soon.
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Last heavyweight champ was a dude who had a full time job ontop of fighting. It seems to have always been like that. I can’t remember but I’m sure early UFC was all Cops etc. Haha

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There is something very off or underwhelming about Ngannou being the champion. Sure, he has crazy power and good speed but he is not a highly skilled fighter. He still makes some major mistakes but his power allows him to make up for it

Stipe made more sense as a hvwt champion but even he felt empty… at least he had the wrestling background and experience to where it made sense

If Derrick Lewis wins the belt then I don’t know what to say anymore lol

I’m rooting for Cyril Gane to rise and beat everyone

But yes, overall our champions are lacking.


The JDS, Cain, and Werdum seemed a strong era. Even Brock seemed like a superhuman, Couture was a crafty veteran. Mir a sub wizard, Andrei a savage veteran, Barnett a well rounded veteran, Rodriguez an ADCC ace. This is the most unimpressive champ since Sylvia.


What latest comments?

HW - ngannou is a brick shithouse & getting better
LHW - jan is arguably OK, but there is contenders (jiri) and the possibility of jones
MW - israel is a god @ MW, dont be scared homie
WW - usman is a monster, they all do it
LW - will be resolved soon once the 4 upcoming LW fights are done (i.e. winner vs winner)
FW - Volk trains with killers & is legit
BW - aljo will be removed by yan again probably
FLW - the god of war is all good & compelling



I would pay to see Jiri on PPV. Wouldn’t pay for too many others.

Im definitely glad Ngannou is the champ. Someone exciting as the HW champ is always good for the sport.
Stipe is ok. Good fighter but wasnt doing anything spectacular or extraordinary in the division. No where near greatest HW of all time as some people like to throw out there.

Jan Is another Stipe. I dont see him holding that belt very long. Definitely not moving any needles.

Izzy is far and away the best at 185. Ni one is even a relative danger to him. Hes exciting and has fucked everyone up in that div.

Usman is gonna wipe 170 clean. Colby is the only challenge and i see him getting smoked badly in a rematch

Stipe fought once a year If that. so glad Francis is champ. we need more active Champs. that’s what makes things exciting.

You have proof Izzy is gay? He said he has a girlfriend. That doesn’t compute to being gay.

Or is this thread just being sarcastic? It’s hard to tell sometimes.

OP is trolling, but is also, unfortunately, mostly correct. MMA has always had a relatively low barrier for entry.

The thing with Stipe, he’s 39 in a few months. You can’t expect a 38-39 year old SMALL HWT to win consistently at HWT. He’s smaller than everyone he fights, and the fact that he won as often as he did is amazing. He’s an incredibly skilled fighter. You can’t give up 30 pounds every time to guys who can end the fight in one shot.

So I tend to view Francis in that way…huge power, limited MMA game, and caught an aging champion who he outweighed by 30+ pounds at the fight time.

I think DC would EASILY beat Francis, and I think Jones makes it look easy if the fight happens. I’m talking about something like Florian vs Stout easy…lands the first takedown attempt, a little GNP, quick guard pass, gives up the back, RNC for the and NEW in like 90 seconds.

Anything can happen in a fight, but Stipe isn’t considered an elite wrestler, and he made Francis look terrible in the first fight. If Stipe wasn’t damn near 40, the results would have been the same. You don’t close a wrestling gap that quickly, Stipe got old.