I appreciate toilet paper advancements

Cottonelle has toilet paper out that is wavy and the little waves really help to dig in and cut that last layer of poo off my butthole. Now they have an aloe and vitamin e treated toilet paper for sensitive buttholes (like mine).

I know some people (like my wife) have buttholes made out of leather and don't appreciate these advancements, but for those of us a little more sensitive on the backside, i commend their efforts.

I don't use the moist wipes for fear of clogging up my pipes. I think we are still a long ways away from perfecting toilet paper, but i am happy to see some forward movement in a product that seemed to have no advancement for a really long time.

As a side note, I think toilet paper research and development would be such an awesome job. Phone Post

I dip my toilet paper into the toilet and wipe with that. It works the same as a wet wipe. Phone Post

Pics of wife's butthole since you brought it up Phone Post 3.0