I babysat a murderer.

Four years ago my daughter was friends with the little sister of the 18 year old murderess in the article below. The little sister spent more than a few nights at our house. One New Year's Eve day, her white trash parents (the mother in the article below) called me at the last minute to ask if I would watch their five daughters so they could go out and party. This included the aforementioned murderess who was fourteen at the time. I watched them because I always felt bad for them because they had a shitty life and shittier parents. They spent the night and they couldn't have been sweeter, including the murderess.

I knew the odds were stacked against them when it came to where they'd end up in life, but it sucks to see where the girl ended up. She was the second oldest and was always really nice. I feel bad because I know the three younger sisters are probably going to end up split up in foster homes.



Charges filed in Perry Lake killing: 2 accused of 1st-degree murder, 3rd suspect accused of covering up daughter’s involvement

By Sara Shepherd

March 21, 2018

Two area residents have been formally charged with first-degree murder in a man’s death at Perry Lake, and a third resident is charged with trying to help her daughter get away with the murder.

Jonathan D. Blevins and Ashlyn N. Hemmerling are each charged with first-degree murder for allegedly premeditating and intentionally killing Taylor D. Sawyer on March 14, according to charges provided Wednesday by the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office.

Hemmerling’s mother, Sarah M. Hemmerling, is charged with obstructing apprehension or prosecution for allegedly helping her daughter avoid legal consequences when she knew she’d committed murder, according to the charging document. The crime is a felony.

Blevins, 22, is from Topeka and was arrested at a Lawrence smoke shop where he worked, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Ashlyn Hemmerling, 18, and Sarah Hemmerling, 37, were living in Baldwin City, according to the sheriff’s office.

Court charging documents also list Blevins’ home address as Topeka but list no city of residence for the Hemmerlings.

Jefferson County Attorney Josh Ney declined further comment on the pending cases.

Ney said all three defendants have made their first appearances in Jefferson County court and were appointed attorneys — Blevins on Friday, and Ashlyn and Sarah Hemmerling on Monday.

Their next court appearances are scheduled for April 10 for Sarah Hemmerling, April 23 for Ashlyn Hemmerling and May 15 for Blevins, according to Ney’s office.

The morning of March 15, Sarah Hemmerling told authorities that her daughter witnessed a homicide the night before at Perry Lake, and Ashlyn Hemmerling was then interviewed about it, Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Herrig previously told the Journal-World.

The sheriff’s office went to the lake that morning and found Sawyer’s body with apparent gunshot wounds. The body was found in a parking area for accessing the lake’s walking trails that has been closed to the public for some time. Sawyer, 22, did not have a permanent address, but frequented the Lawrence and Topeka areas.

Within hours, in early afternoon on March 15, Blevins was arrested on suspicion of murder.

After further investigation, however, Ashlyn Hemmerling’s story didn’t add up, and she became a murder suspect as well, Herrig said. He said authorities believe Blevins pulled the trigger and that Ashlyn Hemmerling helped orchestrate the homicide.

Herrig said authorities believe Sarah Hemmerling helped her daughter disseminate a false story.

The Hemmerlings were arrested March 16.

Herrig said Sarah Hemmerling was in a relationship with the victim, and Ashlyn Hemmerling and Blevins were in a relationship. He said circumstances leading to the homicide may have involved a domestic dispute as well as the group partaking in drugs at the lake.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has worked with Douglas County, Shawnee County and Kansas Bureau of Investigation authorities on the case.

You actually used the term murderess.....

Thebonfirexm - You actually used the term murderess.....

"Failed perfect crime perpetrator" seemed a bit wordy.

The_Pundits_Ghost - 

Wait.  The mom was banging the 22 yr old victim killed by the daughter?




And, sadly, her mugshot in the article I posted the link to isn't exactly a poor representation of what she looks like. I don't want to speak ill of the dead, but either she gave some good "dirty dirty" or he had pretty low standards.

DavidYorkshire -


DavidYorkshire - 

That's the daughter/murderer. The last time I saw her she was 14 or 15. Like I said, she was always really sweet. She's only 18. I'd like to think that she would have turned out okay is she had been born to normal parents.

Her older sister, who'd be 19 or 20 now, got engaged at 16. At the time I thought it was really weird but now I think it was her way of escaping her home life. At one point a few years ago she had custody of her four sisters. She was only 18 or so. I really hope the three youngest girls turn out okay. They were good kids.


They all look like zombies

Wow, you associate with garbage people. 

What happened next was enough to set the pieces on fire

The Mom looks like she walked into a discount plastic surgeon’s office and said “Give me the Tong Po.”