I beat "Manhunt"!!!

Great game with a very cool ending. It gets pretty damn hard at the end though.

I highly recommend this one boys.

I've heard that the gameplay isn't that great and that it gets very repetitive.

It would seem after the first few levels that it has the potential to be repetetive, but then it totally switches gears and starts adding a whole bunch of new elements to the game.

At first, I can see how people would think that all you do is hide in a dark corner and wait for the bad guy, then kill him. Well, obviously it's like that for the first few levels because you're just learning the game. But, as it gets progressively harder, you get equipped with all sorts of weapons and guns and have shoot outs etc. The plot is also excellent with a great, twisted story line, and your enemies are everything from neo-Nazi skinheads to mental patients, to a fat man wearing a severed pig's head and carrying a chainsaw.

It does NOT get boring and repetetive guys. In fact I found that time flew when I played it.

FYI, I didn't buy it, I rented it and it took me three weeks to beat.

Awesome, thanks for the info.

I cant kill Ramirez, that level where he is in the old apartment and you have to kill him within 2 mins is impossible, i just get shot to death by the hunters he calls for backup.

Psycho J

I couldn't kill him in 2 minutes either. But you don't have to. He'll call for back up, but it's no big deal, it's only like 2 extra guys. Just take your time going downstairs and blow everyone away when you reach the bottom.

Considering exchanging it for True Crime (my wife got it for me for X-Mas, but I didn't open it).

So you guys recommend it huh? I didn't really like Metal Gear Solid 2 that much, the stealth thing got a little old, but GTA-VC is great.


I didn't think I would have patience for the stealth thing either, but I found it VERY cool and much better than simply running around and mashing buttons. PLUS, when you sneak up behind a guy you get to completely slaughter the guy with 3 different levels of violence. If you do it quickly, you get a quick death and it's much easier. If you hold the button down a little longer, you get a more violent death, and if you wait REAL long you get a totally gruesome death. Unfortunately, the longer you hold the button down, the more chance you have of getting caught!

I'm actually kind of upset I beat it because I miss playing it :(

Cool thanks for the 411

I'll get it and check it out. I'll post my "findings"

Thx Menapace.

The game is great..........Manhunt 2 roll on.

I love the way it switches to a full blown gun shoot out level.
The mall level and a few others too.

I also found the mental patiences VERY funny, the things they say LMFAO.

'Did you bring that Filthy slut home again'

haha sounds like something my mum would say ;o)

Hail to Manhunt and James Earl Cash

Have yet to meet pigsy yet though.

Can someone explain step by step the execution process?
I have tried holding the L1 and then holding down X or Square and all I can ever perform is a level 1 execution.

Please help.

Jacee only hold down the L1 when your are physically fighting a guy or aiming with your gun.

To perform the excutions walk behind the guy until James hands raise and hold down either the X or square, a cursor will appear over the hunters head first in green, if you let go while on the green cursor you will perform level 1 exuction.

The longer you hold down the button, the cursor will change to yellow (lv 2) or red (lv 3) just release you get to your desired level of kill.

Green lv 1 kill is from 0 - 3 secs
Yellow lv 2 kill is from 3-5 secs
Red lv 3 kill is from 5 secs onwards

Hope that helps.

OK just got back from EB Games and exchanged True Crime for Manhunt. I didn't get the guide book, but it sounds like it's fairly short and linear so I probably don't need it.

I'm going to start playing it tomorrow, hope it is cool as you guys say.

SIDE NOTE: As I was retrurnig True Crime the security guard told me the game was cool and that the mall I was at (West Side Pavillion in Los Angeles) was actually in the game True Crime. Pretty cool, I'm going to have to rent it.

Is this coming to the PC?

this could get a gay gamerground spin.

I was the one that made the first post here about it being repetitve. And that was my first impression. That was only the first couple levels, after that, it got very addciting, like I couldn't put it down and see what was next. And I beat it and had a 5-day rental. But I also have no job and responsibilities, so yeah, I was chrushing it time wise.

lol @ dan w!!

my girl is getting me this game for xmas, i cant wait!

Just started playing it this morning. I made it through the first two levels.

Inital Thoughts:

I like the gritty, dirty, violent edge to the game. The stealth thing is pretty cool (can't just "run & gun" like other games), butI can see how this might get boring after a while. As long as things stay interesting and get changed up a little, it should be pretty cool. It is also kind of nice to veg out on a linear game (after the completely open ended GTA).

Yeah it is an awesome game, I didn't get to play it much this morning but i played quite a bit tonight (with the lights all out its awesome, pretty creepy) and just dropped a fridge on a bunch of gang members with a crane. But what do i do now?