I beat the death flue!

screw it lol


umm...........not sayin the mentioned sups aren't good, but do you think that the meds the doc gave you have nothing to do with your miracle recovery? or maybe it had run its course anyway?

just throwin it out there........


1 night and a bottle of Jagr usually does it for me.

"I did this once and this happened" is usually not enough evidence to draw a scientifically valid conclusion.

They may have had an effect, but i went through 3 doctor visits and 3 rounds of meds....and I ended up relapsing wayt worse than the first time....gave it a few days and started these....and it wasnt a miracle recovery, i had basically an upper respitory infection, bhronchitis and a sinus infection, I am just saying these worked when the meds didn't...I am not someone who stays sick, so running its course should not have been a month long...anyway, its not like i am selling something, just in flue season and the way gyms can hold germs, i just thought it would help to know about this stuff....

never drank acai or noni actually "lol"

just go ahead and delete this thread please, was just tryin to help

I'm coozed up on Shawn Merriman's Vemma, good shit, I think it has stevia in it.

Swine flu can't touch me.