I Believe Kurt(video)

WTAE in Pittsburgh interviewed Kurt Angle yesterday, discussing his arrest for protection-from-abuse order, drugs found in his vehicle, and the entire drama. Angle claims to be innocent and that he was set up by Trenesha Biggers, who he says in manipulative.

Angle claims that he was literally served with the order of protection, left his house, called TNA and his manager asking for advice on what to do and "14 minutes later" was pulled over by police for violating Trenesha Biggers ' order of protection. Angle again claimed that he left the residence first and Biggers followed him as he was looking for a hotel to check into when he was pulled over.

"I left. I didn't want to be in any trouble. I hurried up and called my manager and the owner of my company, TNA. I called my attorney. They said don't go back to my house. Within 14 minutes, a police officer pulled me over and said I violated my PFA. I said there's no way I violated my PFA because I just left my house." Angle also claimed that Biggers' statement to police showed that she claimed to be in "two places at once" and that security tapes of his gated community showed he left the residence before her, so he couldn't have been following her.

In regard to the other charges of his arrest, Angle claimed his license was not suspended and that he had a prescription for the Human Growth Hormones that were found in his car.

"It was supposed to help with my overall health and getting the strength in my neck to function," Angle said. "It didn't make me bigger. As a matter of fact, I only weigh 205, 210. I'm not a very big guy, not in pro wrestling. I don't use it for that."

Angle painted a picture of a manipulative Biggers getting him arrested because Angle wasn't interested in marrying her and had attempted numerous times to break off the relationship. He claimed that a week before the arrest, he had attempted to call the police on Biggers but she "took the phone from me and left." Angle claimed she had tried to control his life and didn't want him seeing his children. Angle said he saw a lot of "red flags" in the relationship.

Now, Angle just wants it to be over…

"I don't like confrontation, so I kind of back away from it. This is really hard for me. I spent nine hours in jail and it was the lowest point of my life," Angle said as he started to break down crying pleading for his reputation. "I was sitting there in a county jail thinking about why I even started dating this girl. I don't even know when I'm allowed back in my own home. I just hope that the hearing goes okay and I can move back into my home. I just want my life back."

Angle also stated his ex-wife Karen Angle has been supportive and commented that they had just settled their custody issues, which were a major factor in the blow-up involving TNA founder Jeff Jarrett.

You can watch Angle get teary-eyed at this link.



It's sad to see what this industry and lifestyle can do to even the most seemingly invincible of people.  This guy is an Olympic gold medalist, for christ's sake, and he's sitting in jail crying.

If his side of the story is true, which it very well could be, it at least exonerates him from wrongdoing, but still.

It's great video. Lots of tears.

In my opinion he comes off as being honest.

It's way better than a lot of shoot videos I've seen.

ttt 4 lata

Former WWE wrestler Damian Demento has posted a video on YouTube addressing the problems Kurt Angle is going through and offers some friendly advice if he has to go to prison.

You can view the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVmUmfN_bIs

Has someone forgotten to tell Damien Demento that NO ONE CARES about Damien Demento?

No one fucking liked him when he was actually a part of wrestling.