I bet you can't play this

LMAO at "add peanuts".

the composer was probably awarded his doctorate in musicology
for that composition

Hah! No kidding.

Gradually slide from 12 bar blues to a more vivaldi like cadenza intonation


Haha, holy shit.


If I get bored this weekend I'll try and sequence it.

LoL, on second thought....

Remove cattle from stage

balance your chair on two legs - moonwalk

timpani sucks on bell

*smiles and shakes his head pretending to understand what everyone is talking about*

yea fellas that thar looks hard.

wtf is up with the pyrimid of 28 nested whole notes?

No kidding! I've sequenced some Zappa stuff before...but Jesus! This score is like science fiction.

I think I can get most of it sequenced in a few hours, I'll definately need some help with the instrumentation and time signatures though.

You're really gonna sequence this Das?? LOL

Well, if it rains tomorrow I'll see how far I can get. I'm dumb enough to try!

Well, its raining.




I can't get cubase to give me anything smaller than 128 notes. I guess theoretically I could transpose 16th notes to whole notes and so on and then play it 8 times as fast but I'm not quite that bored, nor do I think I will ever be.

Haha, its sort of a little bit of the first bar. I sat there for an hour with a calculator trying to figure out how many ticks some of those notes should be (the smallest available is 128), then cubase just wouldn't let me do it.


you should send cubase to the manufacturer and ask for a refund based on the fact that it is hampering your musical creativity.

what in the sam hell