I bought a very fancy belt

Kind of a spur of the moment thing. I got promoted and my belt is shredded, so I decided to treat myself. It’s an Isami, it’s being made in Japan. You get to pick all the options --it’s quite fun.

I really debated-- back and forth-- if I should put the “professor bars” on it. I see guys with no school who don’t teach get their BB on day one with the professor bars on on it. It’s really lost it’s meaning tbh and become mostly a “fashion” thing. But, even so, I’ve taught full time for years and have my “own” school, so… I got the bars

But now, the belt hasn’t even arrived yet and I have serious buyer’s remorse and feel like a pompous a-hole. I regret it. I’m not sure why other than it just feels too flashy for me.

I know, I know… 1st world BJJ problems.Woe is me.


Why do you put “own” in quotes like that?

It’s a karate /MMA/ BJJ school. The BJJ program is mine, but the school doesn’t belong to me; I’m not the owner of the school.

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I know this forum is like 90% Black Belts so… do YOU guys have the instructor bars on your belts…?

Do you see them as having meaning or are they just a “style” issue?

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Thought this was about that ferragamo belt I see everyone wearing

I have the same belt, with the instructor’s bars. I think it was well worth it as it is a very high-quality belt.

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Why don’t you put a tampon in and enjoy your purchase without being a little guilty bitch?


I didn’t realize you could customize blue belts like that.

I keed shen. Dude, you’re teaching/ running a business and a school, and you’re a lifelong student of the discipline. I say pimp it out. How many years are you going to hold the rank? Several, right? Go all out man.


You put in a lot of time and hard work to earn your rank and position. Do you think RuPaul wonders if she’s (?) being pompous when she (?) puts on a big blond wig?? NO! She (?) rocks that wig like it’s been there forever.

I say find that drag queen that’s deep down inside of you and wear that belt and those instructor bars like the uniquely beautiful butterfly that you are! And a blond wig if you want to do that too.


I am indifferent to the instructor stripes. I don’t think anyone cares about that anymore. However, I am a big fan of a high quality belt. They just look and feel great. I have an eosin panther and I get many compliments.


You’re right, dammit!

–Time for me to FINALLY pull out that Mulberry silk Leopard print Gi I had custom made, too!

If people can’t hand;e me at my FIERCEST, that’s their problem.


I’ll have to check that out next time.

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That is a nice belt. Dojo stormers across the globe are gonna think twice before effing with the Shendokan loin piece. It acts as both fashion and deterrent.

On a serious note, I really regret not buying white thru black belts from the Green Gi company. Those hemp belts were the very best and nothing comes close. I have blue and purple but they went out of business before I could get brown. My current favorite is Valor elite belts.

And to answer your question, I do not have the instructor bars on mine. I teach private lessons and sometimes cover classes but I mostly just train and think it would be disrespectful to get them. I know what you’re talking about though. I see club black belts sporting their instructor bars from time to time. I take it out my frustration on them physically, not verbally.


You are not a poseur if you earned the rank.

It is totally acceptable to be proud of yourself.

On a side note I do know what you mean… my first BIG tournament my Dad bought me a really fancy heavy duty Dobok and I felt like a fraud walking around in it for some reason even tho I was wearing a worn belt.

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I train at an old school mma gym that’s pretty informal when it comes to belts and things like that. Belts tend to just get recycled when promotions occur. There was a visitor long ago that dropped by and forgot their purple belt at our place, so naturally it just became part of the rotation. The only problem was that it had the red bar on it, so it looked ridiculous. Naturally, I ended up with it. Also, because I suck, I was a 5 year purple belt, I think. I should have just bought myself a new one but I was too cheap and lazy.

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Having a nice black belt isn’t bad - you’re not able to get any other belt color for quite a few years.


The professor bars are a nice touch, and nothing wrong with having them when you are a professor after all.

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You think you suck? I’ve been a purple for almost seven years!

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Just a personality thing, I suppose.

I’m really not into fancy gis, either. I don’t want logos or “cool” graphics. I just want a nice normal gi that isn’t crazy expensive.

Remember when his went through a phase where they looked like nascar overalls with all the patches and stuff on them?

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