I bought a very fancy belt

I think it’s awesome to get a nice belt- then again, I took forever for all of my promotions :slight_smile:

As an anecdote to your question, when I got Marcelo his black belt (as a gift), he requested not having the instructor bars, because he said it looked like too many stripes.

As for me, I’m a dummy- I’ve had my own school for 9 years, and haven’t competed in 11 years- and my black belt has a white bar - because I like how it looks haha.


Awesome thanks! I’ll stop in sometime soon and bring wutang with me. Hopefully in the next couple weeks

Let’s plan a day to go drop in sometime soon. We can go eat pastries and burgers after

Oh yeah, bro. I have 15 of them cocksuckers on mine. They really help me just fucking slay pussy when I wear it and my “Professional Killer” rash guard (you know the one I mean. It’s got “The Full 16 Inches” on the back) for a night on the town.

Goofing around aside, congratulations on getting promoted. If buying an awesome belt is how you celebrate a career advancement and you didn’t do something like blow the mortgage or vehicle payment on it, then I’d wear it with pride.

mmm… food.

I’ve been wearing a blue belt I got years ago at the Gracie academy. It is very comfortable.

Yo Shen, post a pic of that beautiful belt. Thinking of getting an Islamic myself.

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Isami…fucking auto-correct.


Master Shen let me take a picture of his new Islamic belt.


I spent extra money to get “Allahu Akbar” embroidered.


It was so stiff when I got it, I worked it to break it in a little, then I soaked it & hung it outside to dry. It was so hot that day the belt shrank, noticeably.


Thanks for the pic. Man, it looks really good. Wear it with pride. You certainly earned it. Question - did it shrink because you soaked it or because it was super hot or both? Should one order a size up if they plan to soak/wash theirs occasionally?

It shrank 100% from the sun, I soaked it in cold water. They will tell you on their site how much each belt shrinks. I got a bigger (post COVID)belt but didn’t notice the shrinkage advice until after it shrank. But, It’s all good.

Isami has a lot of cool options to pick from.

For some reason, the expensive belts shrink a ton- I have my Kataaro belt shrink over 10 inches when I put it in the dryer…

I know what you mean. I’ve bought gis that I thought were cool but then when they arrive I’m like, “This is flashy and I don’t want to be seen like this.”, lol.

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Yo compro un cinturon muy elegante

I have a red gi my wife bought me. I’ve had it probably ten or more years and worn it once…ha!

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Back to the instructor bar conversation - my instructor gives/awards instructor bars one year after getting your black belt. He’s old school Brazil. Not sure if that’s his tradition or if there’s more to it. So all of his black belts eventually get instructor bars. I like the look of the black belt better with them.

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Oh, that’s interesting Lukinho. Thanks.

embroidered stripe look SWEET!

Does John still make the avenger with printed on stripes?