I bought RJJ's career on DVD

on ebay for $25 plus $8 S&H. its 13 dvds, all of his fights but 2 of the early ones. the same set was going for over $100 before his 2 most recent losses. I guess people are overstocked or something.

Anyway, just thought I'd point you guys that way if you were interested.

i ordered 2 different sets from 2 different people. I've only gotten 1 so far, but the quality is pretty good. Of course the older fights are worse than the recent ones, but they're all watchable. I've paid for much worse in the past

Joe, I haven't watched them all yet, lol. So far, I like the Glenn Thomas fight pretty good

I forgot to mention that 4 of his amatuer fights are on there too

Really? I just downloaded the whole thing onto my computer :)

which whole thing?

The career of RJJ. Well, actually only the championship fights.

that didn't even make sense, santroy

since you hate him so bad, you might like to have it to see him lose 3 times. other people might want to see him face Ruiz, Tarver twice, Hopkins, Toney, etc

some people might think $25 for 50 boxing matches is just a good deal period

Or people might buy it to see that hat and dance he did in his second
fight which aired on NBC.


My fav's would be Toney, Tate (that dog collar was Classic!), Sosa, and
the De Valle fight was fun to watch (expect for that one round).