I call work.

LColson -  I heard that Forrest's jaw was dislocated early in the fight...at first they thought it was broken.  He left the octagon so quickly because he needed medical attention asap...was in terrible pain.

glad there was a legit reason, and he was hurt.

Didn't like the thought it was just a lack of heart.

More like Forest got worked.

Why are there so many people who cry "work" after every couple events? There's no reason to have a work in modern mma. You have way more to lose than you do to gain.

One can only block every punch with their face for so long. I like Forrest but sometimes heart isn't enough.


Why the fuck is this thread even allowed on this board?


fuckin idiots here sometimes...

Oh, and someone please VTFD the TS...thanks

shit was worked

did you see that fake ass staged wobbly arm gumby shit he did when he landed on the floor?

dana gave him some extra purse greens or he was scared cuz that shit was FAKE


work of art imo