I can never watch that again...

If feel that Crocop may have suffered a career ending injury. I hate the
thought of that maybe, just maybe, that's the last time Crocop may enter
the octagon. He seemed so broken after the fight. And what kills me isn't
so much the knockout and the busted leg. It was his post fight interview.
He wasn't Mirko. On top of that, I have TUF n00bs tellling me, "That
Russian dude got KTFO!!! He shouldn't of ever stepped in the ring!" It kills

It kills me...

getting knocked out tends to take the "mirko" out of you. i'm sure we'll see that charismatic cro cop back and cro copier than ever.

What an awesome highlight that will be. I look forward to seeing in for quite some time. Excellent!!!

I here you guys man my fav heavy weight got beat by the same thing he dose to people. It realy is hard i know it sounds sad as fuck, but the guy is so talented and dosent ever get to the title it just sucks man. I hope he stays man i hope he dosent retire. The guy puts on a great show lets hear it for the guy.


ps congrats to gonzaga very impressed man keep it up.

"cro cop just became a opening credits highlite for UFC Unleashed"

Shit i hadnt thought of that.........sad.

'goes around comes around'....same for Kerr and Wandy

ooo shit.... ya, that is sad.

Aaah well... look on the bright side... he'll always be remembered. :)

you fucking idiots keep saying he beat a tired Barnett. He beat the bastard 3 times! Was Barnett tired all 3 times? Fucking morons

It wasn't a sad day! I wanted Cro Cop to win, but you have to admit that KO was awesome! CC will be back as good as ever. His head was swimming after that vicious KO, that is normal. I got TKO'd a few weeks back, and my head was swiming for days. It's nothing new for him, enjoy the moment, and watch for the return!

Crocop's leg isn't busted, did any of you SEE him walking on it after????

^ i was thinking that too...so i watched again...how his leg was not broken
after that contortion defies anatomy. i guess we'll hear eventually.

Yes,he was walking without support from others. Damn hard to believe though! Everyone I watched it with let out a shout and freaked.

If you can dish it out , you better be able to take it.

ttt for NAPAO

..."If you can dish it out , you better be able to take it"


he is fine

He will be back with a vengeance, he looked extremely upset