I can vouch for Apple's tan...

 Pretty sure its natural.  But hey, don't take my word for it:

I'll be the first one to admit, our life really sucks out here in Cali... haha


damn Apple must be between cycles. looks smaller.
gotta love the peach fuzz on cali girls lol nice rack btw

Nice picture

 Apple had an emergency appendectomy... Nothing to do with roids. 


Damn, he had to have his anus removed?


 Fuck, lets just turn this into a picture thread... lol.

I'm watching, and impressed!


I know all about emergency apendectomies. I had mine last may along with gaul bladder and 1/3 of my large intestine removed. I am about 15lbs lighter now. Cant gain it back. Just had to get used to being and looking like a different person.

 How much did you pay him Apple?

 Brett Loco ROCKS!

jjd - 

 How much did you pay him Apple?

 I've known Apple wayyy before I joined this forum...  He didn't pay me anything, I enjoy making the haters realize their life SUCKS when the computer shuts off!

That youngster is Darce.  She dances for Total Combat!  Shes super nice (well she was back when I met her a few years ago).

 Post more pics guys... Jeeezus!

 I love that picture...

 Heres on for you guys...

I just bit a hole in my monitor.

 LOL... I want her to move back to Cali damnit!  She moved to Colorado, ugghhh!

805  Califa

1 I was kidding on the roids but id put money on Apple having done a cycle or two.
#2 lmao at another camel toe look at me thread.
#3 we'll see how great YOUR life is when your 30 have no liver, have the world worst acid reflux and look like you 45 yrs old... And I wont get into the bad tattoos and chicks that look like there made outta leather.

carry on...