I canceled netflix months ago and it still works

My Visa hasn't been charged for about four months and this shit still works..


weird.. awesome?

it's a tarp


inf0 - 

it's a tarp


When I login to my account details it even shows there is no active subscription.. lol </p>



Account name and pass for research? Phone Post 3.0

Reminds me of the time I didn't pay my trash bill and they cancelled on me. However the trash man kept picking up my trash for like 6 months. Phone Post 3.0

That happened to me and I thought I was all good until they charged me eventually. Trust me brah they have ur card on file. You will be charged eventually Phone Post 3.0

This happened to me with bangbros about 5-6 years ago. I cancelled and my sub stayed active for a lil over a year

Same thing happened to me. Checked my debit history- no charge..

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh Phone Post