I can't believe people think Sonnen has a chance

Just because he talks a bunch of shit these fickle fans actually believe he poses a real threat to Silva...It is truly mind bottling

Sonnen will win = Takedowns.


I believe Sonnen is not and should not be the favorite in this fight.

However, his wrestling is so good that he should be considered to have a chance.

I'm an Anderson fan, but I think Sonnen has a chance; a small one, but a chance nonetheless.
He's a strong wrestler, so it could pose a problem.
Anyway, as we all know anything can happen in mma.

I agree - it's insane. Next, people will be on about Serra knocking GSP into Bolivia, Edgar taking BJ's title and Fedor being finished in the first.

I guess to be fair, the UFC convinced most people that Dan Hardy had the technical prowess and knockout power of Mike Tyson...

Truth in advertising would be a nice change -

UFC 117 - August 7th - Anderson Silva does whatever the fuck he wants. He may fight. He may dance. In any case, Chael has talked a whole bunch of shit, so fork over $50 instead of downloading it free. Only on Pay Per View. Check your local listings.

Anyone with great takedowns and good top control has a chance in the UFC against anyone.