I cant believe Wes Sims "army"

first of all Mayhem already did what you are trying to do. second of all I can't believe you have ANY fans.

That will be all.

Stomps a wes sims sized mud hole in the ass of Blake Grice


277 says Fack off Blake

003 does not approve of this thread.

Blake Grice = Good for the sport.

I have no feelings either way rearding the Army. The lack of originality doesn't bother me. If it's a good idea for one, why not for another?

Plus, I assigned myself a Mayhem Monkey number. I refuse to follow the rules. So, I think I took #681.

Your pal, Morgz. #681.

Blake, dude come on. Dont hate the playa, hate the game!!!!

Sims ARMY RULES!!!!!



020 reporting...

here is a pic i found of the first meetimg of the wes simms "army"


Shiny Buckle reporting to stomp internet ass.

looks around and can see that the other soldiers have this taken care of

24 out.

-1000 checking in;)