I can't not laugh at this vid


Seen in 30 times 

trippppplllle nipppplllleee



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good stuff

I didn't understand any of that. Made it funnier

Once in high school I got on the leg press on one of those big multi exercise machines and someone had pulled out my pin and I launched it at Mach speeds and the metal footpads came back and smashed me in the shins.  I felt this dudes pain

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I was on the stair machine and this guy in front of me is using the tricep pulldown machine to work abs like the guy in the photo. He really put all of his weight into it. I don't know if the cable came detached or if it slipped out of his hands but he smacked his head on the ground full force. Wasn't bleeding but sat on the ground dazed for about 5 minutes.

"how the fuck i did that shit dawg"


Too good.


26-28 loop