I can't stop!!!

I cannot stop thinking blasphemous thoughts, every waking moment I have to keep my mind on something specific or I will think a blasphemous thought. I don't want to think these thoughts, they just appear in my head and I have to immediately rebuke them! This is really harming my relationship with God because they appear even when I am praying! I have had obsessive thoughts before but never blasphemies, and I prayed and they eventually disappeared (I never went on any medication, never went to a psychiatrist, they just disappeared). I was completely fine and happy for a month or 2, when a few days ago these thoughts started bombarding my head. These thoughts are hindering my prayer and it is really hurting my soul. I ask again that you please pray for me so that I can get through this tribulation, I am on the verge of losing hope.

Whatever is brought to the light will be judged in the light and the darkness will be overcome. Confess these thoughts to a close friend immediately, tell him you think it is a spiritual attack and ask him to pray for you.

If you need to talk pinnedagain2001@yahoo.com

I am praying for you now

the rev

Just take a deep breath, and try to relax a bit.

St Theresa of Avila used to have problems similar to this, and she used books as a guide for her prayer.  By using a book to guide her, she avoided straying off course into thoughts she thought weren't good.

Why don't you send me an email and we can discuss some of the specifics.

Remember what divine filiation is all about...you are a child of God, and He loves you deeply.  A random thught coming into your head isn't going to nullify that love.

i am praying for you

thank you for the replies, I will keep praying.

Take strength in the Lord.He will protect you.This happened to me shortly after I accepted Christ.(Satan gets pissed when another person starts worshipping God)With God,anything is possible.


I think you may need help, and I urge you to get some.

You can't go on suffering like this brother. I say this in all kindness but you may suffer from some type of mental illness.  Please know it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Maybe you just need to talk.  I don't know but I am worried about you.

God may instantly heal your soul but this most likely will not be the case.  Medical help is there for you.  There is nothing wrong with combining a religious life, and medical help.

You may even have some unsound ideas about God that are hurting you.  Do you have a pastor to talk with?  I believe most will know if you need to be referred to a medical practitioner.

Hope I don't come off as preachy

Take care,


I agree with Darren in that you should go talk to an elder and let them know what's going on.People need A LOT of help,especially in the beginning.

I may talk to a pastor but I think I will wait for a long while before I take any medication. I believe the Bible, and Jesus said that if you ask, it will be given. I need to have patience and trust.

your prayers are working guys, I am not a complete wreck anymore, although when I am idle I still think bad thoughts. Everytime I think a blasphemy, I say the Our Father prayer and that makes me feel better. I want to say thank you for your prayers, hopefully I will one day recover completely.

verses in the Bible that I have always found encouraging in times of mental stress and strain.

Philippians 4:6-7 " Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and mind in Christ Jesus."

Pretty powerful remedy. The peace of God. Freely given to you in your time of need. That transcends all understanding. Don't figure it out, just claim it. Will guard your heart and MIND in Christ Jesus. No greater counselor, healer, and allie in times of mental turmoil than He.

Christ is the great healer. He reads what is in your heart, and knows your true thoughts. And if demons are playing with and invading your thoughts, he'll see that too. Praise Him, and ask him to rid those thoughts from you. Lay those problems at the foot of the Cross. Put them right there. He's already paid for your sins. And you are stronger, mentally, physically, and spiritually, than any demon when you are in Christ and He is in you.


I'm sorry to hear of your struggle.

I'm curious: are these "blasphemous thoughts" a struggle with Christianity (in that they are blasphemous mostly in connection with how you believe the Lord wishes you to be)? Or are they "bad thoughts" (unacceptable by society) and you are turning to your religion to help get rid of them?



Prof,as you are a professing atheist,they are something that you will not understand.

Controlling one's thoughts can be difficult at times. However, there are various forms of meditation which can help you train your mind to this end (though obviously if you have an actual mental illness this approach is no substitute for psychiatric help).

If you don't mind sharing, what specific thoughts are you talking about?

Most of the time the thoughts are insults aimed at God. When I get these thoughts I usually have to repeatedly say random words that are completely unrelated to theology just to break free from the blasphemy and get my mind on something else.

i don't think God is going to hold these random thoughts against you bro....it's like unconscious sin....He knows your heart....just relax and focus on God and let these things pass through you....


I think it is a spiritual attack.

So keep praying. Sooner or later they will give up.

I agree with Donna, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to see a pastor or couselor. Please email pinnedagain2001@yahoo.com

the rev

It is a spiritual attack and that's why I told Prof that he wouldn't understand it.When one starts to worship God,they make a big enemy at the same time.Same thing happened to me.Hang in there,pray,and do go see a pastor and they will help you out and let you know that it is normal.

Furey,I don't remember where(maybe somebody can help me out)it says in the New Testament that not all of your thoughts are your own,but it does say that.We just need to reject the thoughts.I reccomend reading Ephesians (6:10-18)to learn about putting on the "full armor of God."