I can't wait for Brandon Vera to win Sunday

 He's awesome.  I like him a lot.  I hope he wins, he's cool!

ttt for the truth

Brandon Vera


 I think it is a pretty good card as well.  I do agree though that UFC should make a New Year's day show every year and make it PACKED with good fights.  This is a good start though.

 When has Brandon Vera ever outstruck a striker?

TTTruth Phone Post

No rush here i can wait.

Harlemsavoy -  By Sunday.... Do you mean Saturday when the event takes place?

What do you think?  Seriously

MissRARA -  TTTruth Phone Post

 You do know thats My registered (R)

Your going to be waiting a long time to see Vera win again. Phone Post

 RaRa you wanna make out?

 I wanna Kizz u2 RaRa and have a Balut

Should be a good fight, Vera is the more technical striker, but Silva has more power.

Vera's gonna get jardined... Phone Post

Brandons on a mission. he's hell-bent on getting his career back on track to contend for the belt. I hear dude has been training and preparing for Thiago like he never has before. Phone Post

I think he has a good shot against Thiago. Silva is good but he can get sloppy and his cardio is sometimes an issue. Who are his top wins?

... and HKP just creeped RaRa out. FACT Phone Post

Veras top win is against Couture. Phone Post

I've always liked Vera, i hope he gets the KO.

yeah I know Harlem... but that was still creepy as all holy hell. Phone Post

 now you are making it worse..........