I can't WAIT until we get to rip..

that crappy fuckin Spurs pic off the forum and put up some other team!!! I will love this post season. :)

I agree with Floppy!!!...I will find a good Laker pic to use!!

lol, I'm fucked either way. The Kings probably aren't gonna make it past the second round, and the Mavs or Wolves definitely aren't gonna do it. That leaves the Lakers and the Spurs. lol, it's time for me to pick my poison. fuck

Why don't you think the Kings can go all the way? When they're clicking they play basketball the way it should be played.

I'm scared of the Lakers. lol

I'm just playing, this was just a shit talking thread. :)

I hate both of your teams...so there we are all in agreement!!

I don't hate the Lakers. :-)

Guess what? I don't hate the Spurs either. They have too many hardworking, non-asshole guys that cannot generate hate from me. Even Popovich gets respect despite tanking that season to draft Duncan the following year. Only thing that ticks me off is the ref's treatment of Ginobli. That guy gets too much fucking respect from the refs for only being in his 2nd year. On BOTH ends of the floor.

I don't hate the Kings, either. They don't beat us enough. :-)

I can still register hate for the Celtics, Pistons and Jazz (still have respect for Sloan, however), based on previous wars. But other than that, it's all love, baby!!!

"I don't hate the Kings, either. They don't beat us enough."

lol, well they haven't been great for too many years now, so don't worry, they'll start soon. :)

"They'll hate em even more once that picture is up for the next 5 years."

Half of the Lakers team is about a season away from the old folks home and you think you have dynasty??? Keep dreaming bro.


Floppy Divac has the best screen name...I smirk every time I say it to myself. Ah,it's the little things in life....

Na na na Na

Na na na Na

Heeeyeeaay Goodbye!! MJ!!!

LoL!..please don't give me a warning..lol

Sure I'll be there..Got to support OLAF!!!..lol..is it on a Fri??

I was going to last time..but u were talking to the Rev and his wife..then u walked off towards the North end parking lot..Then i said "Whatever" and took off..lol

I know he's cool on here...But that would have been rude ..interupting other peoples conversations..I do it all the time..but i felt i should be more respectful cause he's a Reverand and such...but if it had been someone like Floopy..I would have yelled Lakers rule!!! then said Hi to U..

"but if it had been someone like Floopy..I would have yelled Lakers rule!!!"

I'm pretty sure that would have resulted in a brutal 2 on 1 beating with you being the 1. ;) j/k

Well then!..i will not be respectful then the next time..lol...Floppy i would have yelled at u to leave while i get a beating from a bra less MJ..LOL!!..

I'll be there and i'll say hi..Just look for the dude with a mohawk..and its not Chuck cause I had mine longer!!