I can't watch UFC/PRIDE tonight.

Sucks..I have to go to a meeting with my father allll the way down outta town..I'll be back in time to watch at least 5 fights of the UFC..but I don't even have Satellite?? Should I kill myself, or what do you suggest?

is this the end of the world for me?

Well since the UFC is only putting 5 fights on the PPV you should be fine.


^ thank you evilmaster!!! YOU SAVE ME!

And NO one can watch Pride tonight. It's tomorrow night. So don't go slitting your wrists just yet...

^ WOW...........I just got in a fight with my dad..and find out that pride is tomorrow?!?!?!? I already slit my chest...greattttttt way to start the new year

what kind of meeting do you go to on a Sat night? with your father?? dude how old are you? tell him to fuck off the fights are on.

^ i'm 16........and it's some business stuff...about my job and all that junk anyways. I will try to make it home by the time the fights begin..I still have a chance to watch the fights. I'm making him buy me the UFC fights on teh internet.

^ Nope.. Why you want to go to a Nambla meeting?? Why are you so curious if I'm going to a NAMBLA meeting? is it because you're a homsexuaL???? Sorry i aint gay! Queer!

Erik the Red that pick is BRUTAL!!! made me lol!