I CAUGHT MY IMPOSTER! (he's a hapa)

and it's JJD's SON! HOLY MOLINGUS!!! (poor dude will find himself in a life a pain if he keeps that persona up--trust me) ;)

Awesome. I think I can actually have a shot at getting my first sub on mark...


Btw that ack belt with that agrressive stare are very indimidating

thats the best fricken gi ive ever seen

notice the strategically placed belt to make passing using it nearly impossible--and also shots below it! BRILLIANT!

so are you and lyota on "ok" terms since you found out?

lol I keed...that makes 8 NS bjj bb's now!

 Notice the Judo hands! LOL!

LMAO, where did you find that GI in newborn size???

 my wifes cousin got in Brazil and sent it to us..

That's frikken cool!!!

Notice as he sets up for rubber guard.

Hapa Power!!

 I wonder if his first words will be something outta a Korean karaoke song?

Is that kid throwing up some gang signs?

kanotoa - Wow jjd gives away black belts faster than Frank Mir!

Cute kid!

 Way faster! lol

Thanks Kanotoa.

well at least it wasnt a no gi BB

 wonder if Mr K would give his approval?

Congrats jjd!

Me my wife just had our first baby boy...hapa too!!

yakumomutsu - Congrats jjd!

Me my wife just had our first baby boy...hapa too!!

 Congrats to you!!

Hapa's will rule! lol

*now try to get as much sleep as you can ;)

Keanu Reeves just texted me. He lurks here.

He says Congrats and thanks for helping to populate the world with more Hapas.

*throws up shaka sign


hey FCTV808 what do you think about this thread?

Cute baby, JJD! That gi is sweet! How do I get one of my niece?