I challenge Fister to a fight

I know there’s a lot that you guys don’t know about this shit…but apparently I have to call him out on this fucking website in order to get him to fight me.

He has some weird chip on his shoulder about me. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was just an amateur fighter that had 10 times more fans than he ever did as a pro here in the Fort. I don’t know what the fuck, tbh. He even has threatened to shoot me with a fucking shotgun. Still to this day he continues to use racial slurs against my Hispanic background.

The OG wants a real beef…here it is.

Name the place and time Fister. That way I can shut your bitch ass up once and for all. Hell…we can make this a “Loser never comes back to teh OG” type shit. Idgaf. You want to run your fucking mouth wo thinking you’ll get slapped up?..think again fag.

I know he’ll troll me and try to duck…but a gentleman challenge has been made. Accept…or duck like you have been.


With regards,


I thought you guys were party buddies.


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Fuck him.

I’m not really into dudes.


I’ll bring the baby oil!

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Dude ashed his fucking cig on my wings while I went to take a piss…

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Oh Snap GIF by T-Pain


I vote Indian leg wrestling match. Loser buys pizza and beers.


Stay out of this Nolan…

I could be mistaken but I think Fister had a meltdown and left the OG.

Gay chicken, 2 out of 3 falls

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Damn this Flying taco dude is pissed this is crazy for a newer dude to see Mr Fister ashed on your mother fucking wings? I hope he gets what he deserves. IN.

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Idgaf. I’m over it. It’s like he called my mom a pindeha…but worse.

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Alright then.

What the heck is even this anyways??

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What’s ashed his cig on a wing mean?

Love you brother…but this has to happen. I’m sorry.

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He ashed his fucking cigarette on my food while I was away from the table.

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Gross. I’d fight someone for that too.