I challenge Fister to a fight

can someone bump that OG picture thread @10eroftheyear ??


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you post in that thread all the time, I’m asking for you to bump it

I was just thinking the other day I need to get my picnic table, patio stones and bags of quikrete out of storage. If I were to receive those blueprints, I’d have the missing motivation that I require.

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Bruh, this the first time I’ve I’ve back here since April or something

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Search feature, how it work?

Is the size of your head natural or from booze?

awesome thank you. I tried searching but couldn’t remember the title

Or scrap roxanne

I’ll have a rucking competition. 12 miler

Alright. Before anymore faggets derail my thread, who wants to fight and be about some real shit? I haven’t been around for a hot min, fools. @Icy_Mike you wanna get in on this? I’m your fucking huckleberry…

Who’s in and who’s out? Can make this happen down in Indianapolis for a weekend. I’m still trying to fight that mfer today.

I would fight someone but I’m universally loved. I’m the OG’s sweetheart. So I’ll pull a Laura Hawk and wear a split shirt pulling for both guys


Yeah…still can’t even rep your squad in your screen name. Faggit. You’re next.

I didn’t actually contribute a letter. I don’t want to ride the coat-tails of another’s accomplishments

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I’ll fight 10er or any liberal douche, would love to take on The_Pundit. Traveling will be a bit of an issue. I’m right up by Canada in upstate NY.

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Happy Antonio Banderas GIF


I like you but I think it would be a fun fight.

You gonna need a tag team partner homie…jjitsu and I are rocking shit as “The Coastal Elites” lol

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Dude…you fuckin up bro :joy: