I consider...

myself a pragmatist, but if I had to pick which end of the nut-job spectrum I am, (I hate UFC because it makes me look like I have been a fan for longer than I really have and I don't train, or I love DFW no matter what he does) I would have to say I am a DFW hugger.


You can't take him seriously when he says someone will never be back in the UFC or will never be in the ufc etc. Josh Barnett Gabe Chocolate cake-guy etc, and ultimately he bends over for a big draw etc.


Did Ben Askren take him seriously, or is Askren as stupid as he is boring to watch? He could have gone to WSOF whooped 3 top 10 guys and then had a strong case to go to the UFC. Which I don't think Dana would deny him. He brought back Hendo for god sake.