I could punch you into infinity right now

I know you think you're a bad ass.

Probably train UFC

But I swear to god at this moment, I could punch any one of you into infinity.

You may be thinking "what does that even mean?"

It means I punch you so hard that your body literally begins to shrink down into inner space until you reach a point in which human scientists can no longer measure your existence!! Because you are now infinitely small.

And Zeno looks down from Mount Olympus saying "there is no paradox, it is simply that this man has shrunk into an infinitely irrelevant thing!!"

And then all the gods and philosophers from the past 3000 years are like "fuck me dude, how did this Bean eating dude figure out life?"

And then I make Shiloh kiss my bicep. Phone Post 3.0


KeezyDoesIt -


That was good Phone Post 3.0

you just made a big mistake


and now you've got a serious problem

lol fun post vu

Iike ant man Phone Post 3.0

otfl....i'll have one of my sisters wait at the door for you....come on over and start swinging...your next moment of enlightenment about life, will quickly follow     ;'0

That's very informative op. Thanks for showing the appropriate restraint. Phone Post 3.0

This could very well be the absolute true meaning of life.

I've got that souls of mischief song stuck in my head now, fucking great. That stupid shit's going to be playing all day while I try to study

pissed from lack of sleep again? me 2

Sounds like someone has done a bump or two tonight Phone Post 3.0

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Whoah Phone Post 3.0
Haha Phone Post 3.0

Bro. Do you know where I got the second stripe on my white belt? Tread carefully Phone Post 3.0