I could watch this All Day Long


Is it just me or is Saenchai the most entertaining Muay Thai fighter ever?He's won the Lumpinee title in four different weight divisions - GOAT, too?

is it just my internet connection or is that video in, like, 144p? Not ripping on the video you posted, just wondering if I'm having internet problems.


anyways, I love watching Saenchai fight. Him and Buakaw are sooooo fluid and improvisational, which I haven't seen often in Muay Thai.


He's the GOAT with Baukaw being a close second. 

Baukaw is a savage and highly entertaining, but not in the goat conversation.


Saenchai is for sure though. So fucking smooth and comfortable out there.

ranier wolfcastle - 

No serious training for 6 weeks. She can however, speed bag those jugs until that right knee is cleared by a doctor.

About the 5th time it ran through I started laughing. Fucking delicates