I did it again

Well, my mother never praised me for being all that intelligent, persistent . . . perhaps but not exactly intelligent.

I just had my knee scoped and my wife pointed out a fact that had never actually crossed my mind before. It seems that every two years I have an operation of some sort.

And now, as I sit here at home fairly hopped up on Percoset and pissed that I won't get to train for a couple of weeks, I've got to wonder if I wouldn't have been a little better off if I would have kept playing the tuba in Highschool and worried about the potential injuries at bandcamp.

Seriously, I'm just glad I was able to put off the scope long enough to get our program started here in SLC, Utah. Now the classes are growing, we've hosted a seminar with Rigan, and this little blue belt can take a day or two off. And for anybody training with Machado Jiu-Jitsu in SLC, I'll be there on Tuesday but my wife has threatened castration if I roll.

If you're wondering about classes in Utah. We're at the Ultimate Combat Training center off of 47th south and 41st west in the West Valley area.

I'm working on the school's website this weekend, I'm writing a new CMS for it, and any comments would be appreciated http://www.slcbjj.com