I didn't know Anderson predicted sub against Chael


I was reading reviews for, "Like Water" and noticed this little excerpt:

"If you even wondered why he made certain decisions during that match, it will all become clear, especially when Silva vows to one of his trainers, “I am going to make him submit, no K.O., I’m going to make him tap out.” This film will give everyone who watches it a new perspective on the UFC and MMA."

I hadn't heard about this before.

Yup. That's why he came out in the gi. He did not intend to get dominated for four rounds to "prove a point" like some looney conspiracy theorists want to believe though.

^^^ Agreed.

Yeah Chael was good enough for 90 something percent of the fight. Just not good enough to win.

Anderson knew he was going to submit him all along. It was all just another light sparring match for Anderson. His sparring matches are tougher than what chael ever did to him. Anderson is the man Phone Post

Riley Freeman - That's why Silva didn't bother trying to fight the take downs.
LOL @ anyone thinking a pure bred white boy like Chael having a shot at beat a true alpha like Anderson.

Silva was injured (bruised ribs). He really was struggling with his takedowns and top control.

RyannVonDoom - Lol @ bruised ribs excuse <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

LOL at you entering every single Silva thread to say that. Keep burying your head in the sand idiot. There's an overwhelming amount of evidence (even Dana confirmed it) and absolutely NOTHING to suggest it's an "excuse".



"I actually saw a documentary about three weeks ago that they did leading up to that fight, where Anderson Silva had a popped cartilage in his rib, and they didn't tell anybody, and he came in and fought that fight.... that's the (stuff) that legendary fights are made of."

- Dana White


Where's your proof that it's an "excuse"?

He also said that he intentionally used a low guard for the first 4 rounds and then in the 5th he used a high guard which helped him set up the triangle shortly there after

Chael did well for 90% of the fight. Fair enough. But he was still juiced and still couldn't win. At the time I couldn't believe how much he was dominating silva and was so shocked when silva subd him bit boy was I glad it happened!! Phone Post