I didnt miss Mike last night.

As much as I like Goldie when paired with Joe, I didnt really miss his presence last night.

Unlike when Joe was absent.

Nobody did. Lets be honest, Goldy's a nice guy off broadcast. On broadcast he's to his ears in hack and stock lines.

"it is all over" is the p4p worst fight closer

thought this was gonna be about tyson, i missed tyson more than goldie :(

also, cant wait for Joe and Chael to call fights together

Anik tried to fill in.

Even gave his own twist on the old "he's got that look in his eyes again Joe." Phone Post 3.0

Goldie > anik

He was missed. Phone Post

But how did you know that they were "burying their shin into the thigh" ? Phone Post 3.0

Why did he miss? Cause fox wanted Anik there? Phone Post 3.0

Joe's the far more valuable of the two. Once Rogan got seasoned as an announcer years ago, Goldberg has been very expendable.

Vaginal Tear - Why did he miss? Cause fox wanted Anik there? Phone Post 3.0

Maybe because it was a Fox show they were going to use Anik and Florian. But since Chael was fighting that left a gap with the studio team (Stann and Glazer). So they moved florian with Stann and brought Rogan in to commentate?

Or did I just severely over analyze that. I might have.