I don’t like beer anymore

Well fuck me … I took 100 days off of booze. Now that I’m back my beer palette is all fucked up. My go to beers just taste like syrupy skunked beer. I’m an ipa guy and they’re all just nasty.

This is not good. I’m gonna try to drink through it but dang, I did not expect this.


Dude, I didn’t drink beer for almost 2 years, my first beer back tasted like God was pissing in my mouth.


i stopped liking beer, out of the blue, a couple years ago
combo of my body just feeling shitty from drinking it and the whole IPA craze where it is all they serve at restaurants and bars (if not ordering a domestic bottle)…i just dont drink beer anymore unless it’s a coors light outside or something

im all about those high noons and other hard seltzer type drinks


All of these microbrews give me brutal Toot guts. That shit has to be horrible for your body

This happened to me. I was purely an ipa guy for years and slowly they started making me feel sick. Now I only drink light lagers. I tried going back to ipas and now most of them taste like dirty socks. I dunno if they quality went down or my pallet is more sensitive.


WTF OP?? thought we wuz friends!!

The only beer I reeeeeally enjoy is a Corona Extra with a lime. It’s the most refreshing thing on the planet, and nothing else that I’ve ever had tastes like it.

Tasted like piss? Must’ve been bud light.

The first IPA always tastes like shit. After that, they taste good.

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It was Coors Light, and it was Mana from Heaven!

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There is nothing wrong with bud light. It’s a great summer beer you can slam all day.


Before you give up on beer and joint the WHITE CLAW CULT have you considered drinking some stouts and porters?

I like IPAs somewhat but enjoy stouts and porters a lot more.

I’m more into the “fresh hopped” and hazy IPAs these days than some of the stronger ones.

Don’t abandon beer all together for the WHITE CLAW CULT, they might put soy in that stuff, who knows…

Stouts and porters are the best friend you have been looking for.

Coors banquet is my jam, but an ice cold coors light on a hot day is tough to beat.


This happens to me too. My taste just gets fucking tired of them and I burn out.

I haven’t had an IPA in months because they just started too get to far out there. I will stay away from them for another month or so and then have a Stone or Betty IPA and start to get back into them. To me they are great summer beers.

Miller High Life is my cheap lager of choice. I like Modelo Especial with lime too but its not nearly as cheap and is almost priced like its a decent beer despite the fact its a cheap lager.

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There is some tasty summer session ipas out there. It’s the super hazy hop bomb smoothies I have trouble with now a days

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I’m more of a Busch light guy myself but I think those two just come down to personal preference. If you tossed me a cold Miller lite I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it.

And I’d drink a Busch Light any day. Thats the thing, yeah I like IPAs and stouts but that don’t mean I stopped enjoying cheap lagers. Cheap lager was like 40% of the fun of high school, I’m not gonna turn my back on it now!


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