I done flying armbar in Ibiza.

...'cos I'm fuckin' ace. I were on the beach an' pilled out o'me face, an' I got in a fight w'some bloke 'cos I shouted "tranny" at a bird what he was with. He ran at me an' just grabbed onto me Ben Sherman's like a twat, but I were so fucked that I just went "WAHEY!" an' done a flyin' armbar like them Japanese blokes do. Anyway mate, I popped it an' he started cryin', so I kicked sand on his face an' then I stood up an' said "BUY A FUCKIN' SUB ZERO DOLL!" an' then I fell over like a bit of a twat but it was still ace.

He started it.

Fuckin' right. An' she were a tranny an' all, mate. I were tryin' t'save him the fuckin' hassle o'beatin' her up when he found out. Fuckin' ungrateful cunt.

Go away, nobody can understand what the fuck you're saying. Fag...

if you can't understand what skelboy types, you are certifiably retarded.

Who asked you, Jimmy McFaggot?!

village idiot?

Biffa Bacon does zhoo-zitsu...

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skelboy, 'ello guvnor, mi c dem lads on essex from the shore of sussex and i cleans me chimney sweep mate for one quid i am i am i am .

this belongs on the OG an' all.


I thought you poms just knocked geezers out when they caused problems.

Didn't you say on another thread grappling means nothing to em?

I appreciate the effort...but consistancy would be good.


I have seen hundreds of English people post on many sites and nobody SPELL SHIT LIKE YOU DO!!!!! Its a fucking accent MORON!!!! The people I have met from LONDON that have the same FUCKING ACCENT you are poorly copieng dont SPELL LIKE THAT!!! These are JUNGLISTS from london......They are from the fucking STREETS FAG.... You are a poser....You are a FUCKING PUSSY ASS FAGGOT..... Dont be fake for attention.....

that's a real live lurker.

"that's a real live lurker." LOL

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his shit is way better than Irvine Welsh.

skelboy, who'd win in a straight'ner.....

Lenny Mclean or Danny Trejo?

Skelboy is a fag. Shut the fuck up and go back to wherever the fuck you're from.

BTW keep this shit on the OG moron!