I dont always paint doors on my vacation

But when i do, i am sure to use the wrong white on the first 3 before my wife corrects me.

Tell her to paint them herself.

She hits you outta love bro and to beat the resistance out of you. Man Up and paint it the right way or go full blown jail orange!

My ass just took a pic of the correct white paint can, leaving for home depot with 3 kids. Again, im on vacation while she works from home

Taking 3 kids to Home Depot proves your brave. Please don’t let them walk shoulder to shoulder so that no one else can get by.

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If your kids are like mine, just tell them the paint chips are free and they can each have ten, but only ten. That will occupy them for at least twenty minutes.

Motherfuckers take the brochures. I could wallpaper an entire room with behr catalogs

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Should have told her that it’s an accent door and it’s all the rage nowadays.

Fuck wagner paint sprayers right in the dickhole. Shit is clogged, back to hand rollers. House has too many doors

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But what color is her strap on?

Have you ever considered a fine set of fart curtains instead of doors? No colors to match either!

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