I don't ask for the OG for much but...

King of Akron - I remember the days of Shiloh owning Dave on the OG lol



There was maybe a week or two when I first got on this site we didn't care for each other. I forgot what common ground we found but he wasn't a bad dude after.

have you considered going to Gamestop and getting a nice new game to take your mind off of your broken heart?

One time I was all bummed out, so my friend opened up a condom, unrolled it, and smacked the shit out of me with it.

I couldn't help but laugh my ass off, though I still had to hit him for it.

Sounds crazy but it actually helped lol. So try that? :p

Glad you're feeling better man!

Stan Wang - 
David@accu - 





Nah it all came to an end. Just wasn't worth it in the end. Bi-polar plus guy issues from previous boyfriends just created a mess. Good news is I found a new chick who i'm going out with on Friday.

i always suspected you were bi-polar. hopefully your previous guy issues don't fuck this thing up you got going now.



2010+ shouldn't be able to post That's just a sad excuse for an insult. That was the obvious route. Think outside of the box a little. Look at Sistersteel she constantly re-invents herself..... as a poster child for abortion. First she was born as some hybrid experiment in lab to see if the gene's of a retarded bulldog could be crossed with a male body builder. Then she takes up rapping in which "in" is added to every word to make it seem "urban". At least she is trying to fail. You don't even put forth a decent effort. Get it together Tyrone!

Boyd Crowder's Hair - have you considered going to Gamestop and getting a nice new game to take your mind off of your broken heart?





14's don't exist in my eyes. Please have someone 2009 or before quote your post to validate it's existence on the internet.

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SisterSteel - Well it's been ten days. Did she cum back dripping jizz out of her every orifice, son? Tell me did you lap it all up good and take her back like a bottom boy faggot cuckold cunt would ?Do tell!!

Damn, you're putting some lbs on you aren't you fatty? Lose some weight you fat fuck.

I would suggest you blow him so he will feels all better.

Look on the bright side Dave, she probably doesn't suck dong as good as I do